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Training Center-UML Software Engineering Organization
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UML & OOAD Software Design
Requirement Engineer Software Testing
J2EE Technology .NET Technology
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Embedded Development Architecture Design
Database Interface Design

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Project Management Configuration Management
Quality Management Requirement Management
Software Process CMMI Assessment of the Advisory
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Site Training, Guidance

  Advisory Training
with customer projects, on-site training, guidance

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UML&OOAD Requirement Engineer
Software Process Software Testing
Configuration Management Development

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For the convenience of foreign trainees, particularly creation of a network of training. Need NetMeeting, synchronized audio video medium.
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Customers can come group training, customize to be more targeted training programmes. Welcome to sign up!

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Project Advisory
CMMI Training and Assessment
Project Management Engineering

Successful Cases   Training Road Map

Pitaya software launched an exclusive research and development high-quality training and consulting, which has implemented over 500 customers. With project and consulting practice to suck the theory and experience highlights from the demand for work, for complex requirements work to the logic clear and effective methods of work. So the course will play an effective role in the actual work. Below are excerpts from some customers:


Customer Name
Training Requirement Feedback Results
Shenzhen Kingdee International
Requirement Development and Management ,4 days With development and management problems of K3 products to carry on demand job skill training for the professional staff to solve the large number of product demand changes and management issues. Training to work with practical guidance. Clear and comprehensive understanding of the demand, specific issues in the demand for work have direct guidance.
Neusoft Shares
Software Testing
4 days
Explain the software testing design methods for senior software engineers amd teamleaders from all parts of the country of Neusoft software sector, comprehensively and in-depth.
Hope company can invite some of these first-class enterprise-class talents to teach this first-class content of the course, do not let us listen to that second and third-class.
3 days
Most of the trainees have participated in the 2nd UML & OOAD training, some participants inother training institutions software gold architect courses, have a better basis. This training focus on the of advanced analysis design technology, and the actual application of UML. Training is not "ideal" explain, provides a rich experience and value approach for application questions.
Taiji Shares
J2EE Architecture Design and Performance Optimization
To support the Olympic security projects application ,the company hope that in-depth study of the project J2EE framework of the depth technical applications combined projects. And in-depth teach performance optimization . Training with examples and experience, have great practical value, play a very good and direct effects to work.
Schneider Electric
Embedded UML + OOAD
With company's global unified technical standards, used UML formal language in domestic project. And with the introduction of the tools and the current cases, in-depth teach the technology practice. In the Asia-Pacific region selected a number of training institutions, the final choice of the Pitaya Software, the results show that our choice is correct.
Zhejiang Financial
Business Modeling
11 days
In order to speed up Jincai project software integration construction, improve the information center needs analysis capabilities, based on the UML + OOAD, carry on modeling training and business consulting to the financial office FOA system, in order to be able to carry on systematic and effective implementation and application in Jincai project.
For such a system, business modeling training contents should be the extremely important support. Should be vigorously promoted.
Training Application
Beijing Pitaya Software Engineering Center
Address: 904,Tower A,Horizon International Tower, No.6, ZhiChun Road,Hai Dian District.Beijing
Pitaya Software Center-- Shanghai Branch

Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Keyuan Road 299
Pitaya Software Center-- Shenzhen Branch
Address: Shenzhen Futian District CaiTian North Road, 6009
Beijing Tel:010-62670835
Shanghai Tel:021-50800371
Shenzhen Tel:0755-88849686

Application Process

· July 8,2007 IBM RSA+UML+OOAD Training Successful Held
· June 16,2007 Thomson's Research Center Software Testing Technology Enterprise Internal Training Successful Held
· June 3,2007 Siemens Based on UML&OOAD Iterative Development Process Training Successful Held
· April 13,2007 ADI-American Analog Devices Corporation"CMMI Best Practices"Enterprise Training Successful Held
· April 12,2007 Reuters China Development Center"COM Components Development"Enterprise Training Successful Held
· March 12,2007 Padgett Company Requirements Engineering Consultation Launched
· February 10, 2007 Symantec China "C # and. NET Framework Design" Enterprise Internel Training Successful Held
· January 21, 2007 Symantec "Install Shield"Training Successful Held
· November 3, 2006 Siemens "Embedded Operating System Vxworks/Workbench" Training Successful Held
· November 4,2006 VTRON UML&OOAD Training Successful Held
· September 22, 2006 Siemens "Software Architecture" Training Successful Held
· September 8-17,2006 Symantec Solaris Training Successful Held
· September 8, 2006 SAMSUNG Data UML-OOAD Training Successful Held
· August 29, 2006 Thomson's Research Center in China "CleaQuest Administrator" Training Successful Held
· August 25, 2006 Schneider Electric "UML & OOAD + Embedded Analysis and Design" Training Successful Held
· August 9,2006 Thomson's Research Center in China "the Software Project Management" Training Successful Held
· April 2006 Nanjing Siemens "UML and OOAD" Group Training Successful Held
· November 17, 2005 HoneyWell "CMM System Practice" Group Training Successful Held
· September 25,2005 Alcatel "Performance Testing" Group Training Successful Held
· September 9,2005 Nanjing Siemens "UML and OOAD" Group Training Successful Held
· August 19,2005 Thomson's Research Center in China "UML + OOAD Embedded Systems" Training Successful Held
· July 13,2005 Alcatel "Requirement Development and Management" Training Successful Held
· April 21,2005 MDCL Company "UML + architecture" Training Successful Held
· April 19, 2005 Israeli Radvision Company TeamTest Training Successful Held
· January 29,2005 Swiss ABB LV "UML & Embedded Systems" Training Successful Held
· September 30,2004 Siemens Communications "UML & OOAD Practice" Training Successful Held
· November 17,2003 Siemens UML & OOAD Training Successful Held
· January 27, 2003 Motorola Inc Design Pattern Training Successful Held
· October 20,2002 UT Starcom "Software Testing, Configuration Management" Training Successful Held
Students Feedback
“UML Software Engineering Organizations Pitaya training can combine with the actual work to custom courses. Used on a real case, has received the results of the study that used”
The quality of Teachers
The company aggregates a group of senior technical experts and industry elite in software engineering technical fields from home and abroad, they have an average of more than eight years experience in the development of large-scale projects in the area of the software industry, and have a wealth of teaching experience in training.Employment Outstanding Lecturers>>>
Quality of training
To ensure effective training effect, Pitaya launched four training software quality assurance measures:
1、Before training, survey each customer unit training objectives, and training needs and technical background of trainees, customized courses programme.
2、Training projects can be selected cases of cudtomer's actual project, half of the advisory training, the effect more visible.
3、To provide training related to information technology, software for teaching, learning cases, the participants can improve the self-study after training.
4、After training provides one month of free after-school technical support, fully guaranteed after training the application of results.
Preferential Policies

Integral         Discount
30,000 below,  9.5%;
30,000-60,000, 9%;
60,000 above,  8%
1 yuan training fees = 1 cent,integral after training

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