ClearCase FAQ
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1. Why can't add to source control successfully.

如果你add-to-source-control 失败, 请检查环境变量.


2. What's group in our site?


如果你可以在一个域中共享代码与文档,请不用使用其它组,ClearCase会自动用Domainxxx\Domain Users组统一处理所有权限,这样最轻松,也体现XP的代码共享原则。



3. How to check avairable group setting in my computer?

C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils>creds
Login name:    EK\100595
USID:          NT:S-1-5-21-303308828-1714887528-1861945104-36204
Primary group: EK\Domain Users (NT:S-1-5-21-303308828-1714887528-1861945104-51
Groups: (32)
    Everyone (NT:S-1-1-0)
    NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users (NT:S-1-5-11)
    EK\DL-Ces-LIST (NT:S-1-5-21-303308828-1714887528-1861945104-32108)
You have ClearCase administrative privileges.

4. 为什么不同的开发人员看到的内容不一样?

请检查你视图中的父目录的版本树,如果看到的版本不同或有人看的是check out版本,则内容就会有不同。 当然,如果想看一样的内容首先要保证config spec是一样的。

5. How to view old version easly?

First, you may browse all version in element version tree.

Second, you can add @@ after element name into all version list in open window of your application, than you may select a version to open it.


6. How to resolve issue of update fail in CCweb?

The root cause is you has a not complete update. You need run "Update View" in main interface, and waitting it complete.

7. How to do recursion Add to source control?

If you need add multi level folders and files to ClearCase, you can use Visual Studio.

  • Copy all files to a folder of ClearCase view.
  • Open solution use VS.
  • Use default "pending checkins" list(automatic generate) to add them. to know already checked out when I doing check out?

If you see this window than the mean is other person checked out same element, and you can know what's name of view that checked out it.

9. How to resolve conflict version of binary file in ClearCase?

ClearCase don't support merge binary file, so you'll lost some data if you has conflict modify for a binary file. But you can following these steps  to keep all version in ClearCase.

  • 2 checked out by 2 views and 2 users.
  • Check in reserver check out versoin. Need a clearly comments.
  • Backup unreserved version, and doing undo check out.
  • Check out again by unreserved check out user.
  • Replace new checked out version and doing check in. Need a clearly comments.
  • So, you will has a version of lost user 1 modification.
  • Recommand you check out and manually moidfy contents to include 2 users modification.
  • Lastly, you can check in and keep a version of include 2 uses modification. Need a clearly comments.

10. How to clear lost+found directory?

Suggest you termly check the lost+found directory in each VOB of your project and clear it.

If you need an element in lost+found directory, move it to another directory by using
cleartool mv

f you don't need anything in lost+found direcotry, you need remove them by using cleartool rmelem
*cleartool>rmelem -f **
Maybe you need redo rmelem command.

11. How to resolve Check out /Check in error?

When you appear icon before elements. You can try these steps:

  • Backup files of new version.
  • Delete file in windows explorer.
  • Update parent folder.
  • Open version tree in ClearCase explorer.
  • Check out and undo Check out element.
  • Refresh and check folder new status in ClearCase explorer.
  • Contact administrator if you can't resolve it.

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