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Enterprise Data Model and Design

1. Course Introduction

This course for the requirements of customers, with the actual project examples to explain how a business data combined system application features is to be designed a excellent structure, superior performance database. At the same time explaining powerdesigner's specific database design methods combined with database methods, theories, tools and practical experience explain and do database design exercise combined customers actual projects.

08-10-25 to 27
Qualification£º UML software engineering organizations  
Training Fee£º 4000 yuan/Person
Registration way£º
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2. Training Outline

The course will show students the actual solvemental progamme. You can acquire satisfying solutions of problem through the course.


Senior Programmers, Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Architecture Designers, Product Market Technical Staff

  • Data Modeling ideas and methods
  • Database design experience and skills (solution to avoid lock table)
  • How to design high-performance applications?
  • Large volume of data handling ways and the impact of design data
  • The use of tools powerdesigner12 (with designed to explain the use of tools)
Training Outline
  • Database design basis
  • Database design goals
  • Database design process
  • Analysis the current database
  • Data analysis
  • Conceptual model design
  • The identification and definition of business rules
  • Logic model design
  • Review of data integrity
  • Physical model design
  • Submodel design
  • The establishment database reverse database engineering
  • Analysis of the current database
  • Database design standardization
  • View design principles
  • Table design principles
  • Field design principles
  • Data bound principle
  • Entity relations data model
  • Object-oriented data model
  • Large volume of data, concurrent data visit high-performance design
  • Business-oriented changes the database design
  • Use PowerDesigner to do database design

3£®Training Fee and Payment Way

Training Fee: 4000RMB/one person ( including teaching material, certificate and lunch ).Please pay the training fee before the course.

  • Students, who remit through company, please adopt bank transfer accounts and make bank receipt fax to: Fax: 010-62670862
    Account Name: Beijing Pitaya Software Engineering Center
    Bank Name: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Zhichun Road Branch
    Account Number: 9117 0154 7100 0005 8
  • Students who pay cash:
    Please pay to Beijing Pitaya Software Engineering Center
    Add: 1603 B.Build B.tri-tower,ZhongGuanCun East road,Haidian District.Beijing

Beijing Pitaya Software Engineering Center


Lecturer Qualification
technical experts of UML software engineering organization
technology consultant, senior lecturer of Pitaya software
Engaged in more than 10 years related to practical work, has worked at famous IT companies, has a wealth practical experience
Implement successfully the relevant engineering practice in a number of large and medium-sized projects, with a real and effective capacity, not just "fame."
Have profound theoretical knowledge, conduct professional systematic research and learning.
Rich teaching experience, the medium of instruction for many large enterprises, accessing to a client's highly praised
Rich experience in consulting, advisory for more than corporate customers.
To combine the needs of students, effective teaching theory and practical experience, and lead the students to do specific practice drills.

Successful Cases
Beijing Industry Company Oracle 9i
Victory software the relational database Object-Oriented analysis

For the role
Database Administrator
Data Design Engineers
Data Mining Engineers
Information Director

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