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Software test(TD+WR+LD)

Training Time:beijing shanhai shengcheng   According to enrollment classes
Training Fees:4000yuan/person 
Corporate Training: According to business needs, custom House

In this curriculum, the students to TestDirector, WinRunner and the LoadRunner use will have a thorough understanding. Through the practice, the student will be able to grasp above tool the basic use and the part programs the application high-level. Meanwhile to nimbly has the profound understanding in the test automation using the tool.

  • TD installment and use skill.
  • By the TD standard compilation, the execution, analyzes and tracks test case.
  • Automated function test foundation.
  • Realizes the test automation script compilation through Winrunner.
  • Performance test foundation
  • through LoadRunner realization performance test script compilation.
  • Simulates the real test scene through LoadRunner.
Teaching methods: customized course + case to explain + Group Discussion,60% of the cases to explain ,40% of the practice drills.
Training Outline:2 days
Software test elementary knowledge
  • software test knowledge system
  • software test basic concept
  • software development and software test
  • software test flow
  • software test type
  • software test experience sharing
TD the part

  • TD installment and the deployment
  • project foundation
  • test demand foundation
  • definition test collection
  • test moves with the example
  • foundation in TD, analyzes and tracks test the case
  • flaw the track
  • test result output
  • to produce the test report in TD
WinRunner part
  • WinRunner realization principle
  • script transcribing
  • synchronization
  • each kind of type set point, synchronized data actuation test
  • script movement
  • high-level utilization
LoadRuner part:
  • Performance test plan formulation
  • script transcribing
  • has custom-made business
  • parametrization
  • set point
  • to dispose the multi-IP address
  • script grammar to explain
  • under various agreements the commonly used function
  • script revision
  • connection
LoadRuner part:
  • The performance test plans
  • each kind of type project demonstration explanation (script foundation
  • and playbacking, scene foundation and movement, monitoring scene and result analysis)
  • B/S project (J2EE sum.NET construction)
  • dynamic (automatic/Manual) data
  • association The performance test scene design
  • result analysis
  • high-level utilizes
  • each kind of type project demonstration explanation (script foundation and playbacking, scene foundation and movement, monitoring scene and result analysis)
  • ODBC
  • Windows Sockets
  • performance test monitoring method
  • commonly used performance monitoring target
  • performance test result analyzes
  • Windows, the Unix system monitoring method and the target analysis explains in detail
  • the network explains in detail J2EE, the EJB performance monitoring
  • method and the target analysis using
  • the server and the database server monitoring method and the target
  • analysis explains in detail
Labelling: Uses the actual case teaching, teaches in the process to be possible to aim at the actual problem to provide the technical instruction
Training objects:Is engaged in personnel who the software tests; Software project manager; The software develops manager; Software quality assurance personnel; Other interested party to the software test.
Student basis:Certain knowledge and experience

Lecturer Qualification
Senior experts
Had his inaugural famous IT companies
More than 10 years of professional experience
More than 5 years teaching experience
More than 100 training cases experience
An average of more than 90% of student satisfaction
Success Stories   more...
Beijing Software Architect - Advanced practical training was successfully held
Successfully held a well-known Institute of Aeronautics CMMI best practices training
Purple Arima web application security best practices training successfully held
Beijing unit testing, refactoring and continuous integration training was successfully held
Student feedback
"Our training can be combined with the actual work of custom courses, using real case to explain, received the school thought the effect of"
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