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Requirement Development and Management

Training Time:beijing shanhai shengcheng   According to enrollment classes
Training Fees:5700yuan/person 
Corporate Training: According to business needs, custom House

Requirement is always the most important and the easiest problematic link. In the course the consultant will uncover this problem for students. Based actual developing of project or products , the course will show students how to act in requirement engineering, which including requirement development and management. Through real project practice ,course will guide customer to execute requirement engineering . Meanwhile, providing a basical protorype as a base for customer future work. After course , we will provide durative support to actual effect.

  • To the experiential requirement programmer, the course will help you comprehensive know the path of requirement analysis, begin to improve the practice of Requirement
  • Development and Management. And it will be a practical journey to advance requirement analysis level and to hand requirement analysis skill.
  • To programmer who wants to go in for Requirement Analysis, the course will make you embedded know the Requirement Analysis Project and the Requirement Management Project, hand the requirement management method and study the application of analysis tools. So the course will make you enter the palace of Requirement Analysis.
Teaching methods: customized course + case to explain + Group Discussion,60% of the cases to explain ,40% of the practice drills.
Training Outline: 3 days
Software Requirement Project
  • basic software requirement method
  • what is the requirement and why
  • customers’ requirement conception
  • the recommending method of Requirement Project
  • Knowledge Skill
  • Requirement Capture
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Requirement Test
  • Requirement Management
  • Project Management
  • Capture Business Requirement
  • looking for, listening respectfully and enlightening customers’requirement
    output document: <Customer Inquiry Templet>
Customer Requirement Analysis
  • company information analysis practice (organization, information, efficiency, make policy, resource, process)
  • proceed effective business analysis
  • embedded field analysis, construct business framework view
  • compile Requirement Analysis Standard Description
  • input document < Requirement Analysis Standard Description Templet >
  • requirement graphic analysis
  • Requirement Analysis, Requirement View and Requirement Model
  • From customers’ requirement to analysis model
  • Data Stream
  • Entity Relation Graph
  • State Transform Graph, Dialog Graph
  • Entity Relation Graph
  • State Transform Graph, Dialogue Graph
  • Class Graph
  • Use Case Diagram ( as analysis tools and have a specialized opinion time )
Software Requirement Management
  • How to decrease project risk
  • Requirement Priority Ranking
  • Requirement Quality Test and Verity, Requirement Remark and Examine—the difficulty of Requirement Remark and Examine, Testing Requirement
  • Requirement Management Principle and Fulfill
  • Requirement Change Management
  • Requirement Change influence analysis, etc.
  • Requirement Fulfill and Track
  • Requirement Traceability Motion and Requirement Traceability Capability Matrix
  • Requirement Scale Estimate, cost compute and control
  • the method of Requirement Scope Control
  • How to make up the effective Change Control Committee, change effective control
  • Requirement Management of mytiad line rank
  • the essence of Requirement Track and highly efficient relating
  • set up precise Requirement Filter
  • Requirement Manage, baseline and promotion
  • carry out Requirement Management’s tools and environment.
Use Case Analysis Technology
  • Iterative Software Development Process
  • Ensure system borderline
  • File use case
  • Graphic Use Case
  • Use case examine and verify
  • Divide large-scale system
  • Use case and program design
System Structure and Delivery Requirement Development Transform into Design Plan
  • Requirement Confirmation
  • Program Requirement Confirmation
  • Product Requirement Confirmation
  • Requirement and Beforehand Examine and Verify( prepare for setting up program )
  • From requirement to design and coding
  • Based on required and drived develop process—Huo Longguo MyProcess
  • Through development and testing to ensure requirement quality
  • The method of requirement document examine and verify
  • Ensure delivery high-quality requirement,from requirement to success
Do a Requirement Development’s Example
  • Requirement Examining and Research
  • Requirement Standard Description
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Use Case Examine and Verify
  • Use Case Remark and Estimate
Training objects:software requirement worker who wants to improve his analytic ability ;tester, programmer, program manager, development manager and QA who want to be requirement analytical experts. ; other workers who are interested in software requirement
Student basis:Certain knowledge and experience.

Lecturer Qualification
Senior experts
Had his inaugural famous IT companies
More than 10 years of professional experience
More than 5 years teaching experience
More than 100 training cases experience
An average of more than 90% of student satisfaction
Success Stories   more...
Beijing Software Architect - Advanced practical training was successfully held
Successfully held a well-known Institute of Aeronautics CMMI best practices training
Purple Arima web application security best practices training successfully held
Beijing unit testing, refactoring and continuous integration training was successfully held
Student feedback
"Our training can be combined with the actual work of custom courses, using real case to explain, received the school thought the effect of"
Pitaya Software is provided to you after hundreds of companies to verify the effective engineering of practical experience, focus on the latest theoretical developments to help you "lead your industry software world"

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