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Use of LoadRunner to Do Performance Test

Training Time:beijing shanhai shengcheng   According to enrollment classes
Training Fees:4000yuan/person 
Corporate Training: According to business needs, custom House

In this course, participants will be a preliminary understanding of the testing process, and how to use the Load Runner tools to run through the various processes of performance test. In the training, the course will combinate of test cases to grasp how to develop and debug Test scripts in the VUGEN . How to implement of the test scripts , monitor system resources in the testing process and the use of analysis to complete the analysis of test results in Controller.

  • Understanding of performance testing basic process
  • Development and debugging test scripts in VUGEN
  • Understanding of the concept the VUGEN's parameters set and how to apply it in the course of testing
  • Learn how to design and implement of the performance test scenes in Controller, and to understand the significance of setting the parameters
  • Understand of how to monitor the change trend of testing various system resources in the the course of Controller
  • Analysis can provide what means or methods to test personnels to analyze there may be problems in the project
Teaching methods: customized course + case to explain + Group Discussion,60% of the cases to explain ,40% of the practice drills.
Training Outline: 2 days
Performance Testing Profile
  • The importance of performance testing and optimize
  • Existing and future architecture technology's role
  • Testing application performance
  • The preparation and planning before performance test
  • Set performance targets
  • Performance growth analysis
  • User activities analysis
  • Background activities analysis
  • Key performance yardstick standards
  • Mirror production environment
  • Create a performance test plan
  • Performance testing of the six basic steps'introduction
  • Automated testing tools advantages and limitations
Advanced LoadRunner Tools
  • Targeting more IP addresses
  • Script grammatical interpretation
  • Commonly used functions of agreement
  • Script Laws
  • Association
  • Windows, Unix system monitoring methods and targets detailed explanation
  • Web application servers and database servers monitoring methods and targets of Detailed Explanation
The Script Written
  • How to automatically set the response time of each business
  • Runtime Setting attribute's introduction and the corresponding principles
  • Debug tools introduced in VUGEN
  • Exercises
  • The working principle of association and why do association
  • Several associated methods
  • Web_reg_save_param () function introduction
  • The use of Wdiff tools
Scene Implementation
  • The various state introduction in the course running of Vuser
  • The basic method of error debugging in the scene implementation
  • The several hands to stop scene implementation's methods
  • The monitoring work's principle in Controller
  • How to set up monitoring universal properties?
  • How to configure monitoring?
  • The principle of Controller and agent
  • How to effectively use the Controller with load balancing?
  • Exercises
Analysis of Test Results
  • Analysis of the basic working principle
  • Analysis of some basic graphs information
  • How to add or delete graphics?
  • How to use the Drill Down?
  • How to use the web breakdown?
  • How to use the automatic association graphics?
  • How to generate analysis reports?
  • Exercises
Training objects:Test Manager,Test Head, Test Engineers, Tester
Student basis:Certain knowledge and experience.

Lecturer Qualification
Senior experts
Had his inaugural famous IT companies
More than 10 years of professional experience
More than 5 years teaching experience
More than 100 training cases experience
An average of more than 90% of student satisfaction
Success Stories   more...
Beijing Software Architect - Advanced practical training was successfully held
Successfully held a well-known Institute of Aeronautics CMMI best practices training
Purple Arima web application security best practices training successfully held
Beijing unit testing, refactoring and continuous integration training was successfully held
Student feedback
"Our training can be combined with the actual work of custom courses, using real case to explain, received the school thought the effect of"
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