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Project Management in the Software Development Process

Training Time:beijing shanhai shengcheng   According to enrollment classes
Training Fees:5000yuan/person 
Corporate Training: According to business needs, custom House

Based on customers for actual projects or product development, through the project the real practice, guides the work of project management and how to integrate the specific development work , rather than remain in the "theory", through the various specific development phase of its work to explain how to carry on Project management: planning, implementation and monitoring, the scope of management, change management, team management, quality management, cost management.

  • How to combine specific project requirements for the road map project
  • How to combine the specific project work to carry on management as follows:
    • Progress management (time management)
    • Risk Management
    • The scope of management
    • Communication management
    • Quality management
  • How to carry on project management in the requirement stages for the management team
  • How to carry on project management in the design stages
  • How to carry on project management in the development stages
  • How to carry on project management in the testing stages
  • How to carry on project management in the deployment stages
Teaching methods: customized course + case to explain + Group Discussion,60% of the cases to explain ,40% of the practice drills.
Training Outline:3 days
  • Project management objectives and scope
  • Project Management’s Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to combine specific software project work with management
  • Software process life cycle model
  • The process strategy system
  • Requirement, design, development, testing, deployment
  • Custom software development process
  • Overview of project management road map
  • The objectives and scope of requirement
  • The role and workpiece of requirement
  • Requirement access, analysis, specification, validation road map
  • Requirement stage of the work progress plan, tracking and monitoring
  • Requirement change control management
  • Based on the requirement of the project management
  • Based on the requirement of the risk identification and management
  • Based on the requirement of cost management
  • Software design's goal and scope
  • Software design's role and workpiece
  • Road map for software design: architecture design, outline design, database design, detailed design
  • Design stage of work progress plan, tracking and monitoring
  • Designed to solve the risk management
  • The quality verification and management of design
  • Development of the objectives and strategy
  • Development of the role and workpiece
  • Development of the road map: physical design, compilation coding standards, the integrate plan, parallel
  • development, testing time, continuous integration
  • The development phase of the implementation schedule, tracking and monitoring to track
  • quality and management
  • Development of the configuration management
  • Development of Integrated Management
  • Testing objectives and strategy
  • Testing of role and workpiece
  • The testing process road map: testing plan, testing design, testing implementation, testing perform, testinganalysis report
  • The testing phase of the implementation schedule, tracking and monitoring to track
  • Testing risk management
  • Testing process management
  • Testing team management
  • Testing bug management
  • The purpose and scope of deployment
  • The role and workpiece of deployment
  • The deployment process of the road map : deployment plan, preparation for deployment workpiece, user training,implementation arrangements, trial operation, deployment maintenance
  • The deployment phase of the implementation schedule, tracking and monitoring to track
  • Post-deployment requirement change control management
  • The deployment of the workpiece version management
  • Deployment of systems management
  • Acceptance management
  • The progress plan management (time management)
  • Risk Management
  • Scope management
  • Communication management
  • Quality management
  • Team Management

Training objects:Senior programmers, system analysts, demand researchers, architecture designers, product market technical staff
Student basis:Certain knowledge and experience.

Lecturer Qualification
Senior experts
Had his inaugural famous IT companies
More than 10 years of professional experience
More than 5 years teaching experience
More than 100 training cases experience
An average of more than 90% of student satisfaction
Success Stories   more...
Beijing Software Architect - Advanced practical training was successfully held
Successfully held a well-known Institute of Aeronautics CMMI best practices training
Purple Arima web application security best practices training successfully held
Beijing unit testing, refactoring and continuous integration training was successfully held
Student feedback
"Our training can be combined with the actual work of custom courses, using real case to explain, received the school thought the effect of"
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