ABC Activity Based Costing 基于活动的成本核算

ABM Activity Based Management 基于活动的管理

ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed 已完成工作实际成本

ADM Arrow Diagram Method 箭线图方法

ADP Automated Data Processing 自动化数据处理

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution 替代争议解决方案

AF Actual Finish Date 实际完成日期

AFE Application for Expenditure 支出申请

AFE Authority for Expenditure 开支权

ALAP As-Late-As-Possible 尽可能晚

AMR Advanced Material Release 材料提前发布

AOA Activity on Arc 弧线表示活动双代号网络

AOA Activity on Arrow 箭线表示活动双代号网络

AON Activity on Node 节点表示活动单代号网络

AOQ Average Outgoing Quality 平均出厂质量

AOQL Average Outgoing Quality Limit 平均出厂质量限度

APMA Area of Project Management Application 项目管理的应用领域

APR Acquisition Plan Review 采购计划评审

AQL Acceptable Quality Level 可接受质量水平

AS Actual Start Date 实际开始日期

ASAP As-Soon-As-Possible 尽快

ATP Acceptance Test Procedure 验收测试过程

AUW Authorized Unpriced Work 批准的未定价工作

BAC Budget at Completion 完工预算

BAC Baseline at Completion 完成/完工基线

BATNA Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement 协议外最佳方案

BCM Business Change Manager 商业变更经理

BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed 已完工作预算成本

BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled 计划工作的预算成本

BEC Elapsed Cost 计划工作的预算成本

BOOT Build, Own, Operate, Transfer 建造拥有经营转让

BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement 一揽子采购协议

BSA Balanced Scorecard Approach 平衡记分卡方法

C/SCSC Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria 成本控制系统标准?

C/SSR Cost/Schedule Status Report 成本/进度状态报告

CA Control Account 控制帐目

CAD Computer Aided Drafting/Design 计算机辅助制图/设计

CAM Cost Account Manager 成本帐目经理

CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing 计算机辅助制造

CAM Control Account Manager 控制帐目经理

CAP Cost Account Plan 成本帐目计划

CAP Control Account Plan 控制帐目计划

CAR Capital Appropriation Request 资本划拨请求

CBD Component-Based Development 基于构件的开发

CBS Cost Breakdown Structure 成本分解结构

CCB Change Control Board 变更管理委员会

CCDR Contractor Cost Data Report 承包商成本数据报告

CDR Critical Design Review 关键设计评审

CI Configuration Item 配置项

CM Configuration Management/Construction Management 配置管理/施工管理

CPFFC Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract 成本加固定费用合同

CPI Cost Performance Index 成本绩效指数

CPI Cost Performance Indicator 成本绩效指数

CPIFC Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contract 成本加奖励费用合同

CPM Critical Path Method 关键路径法

CPN Critical Path Network 关键路径网络图

CPPC Cost Plus Percentage of Cost Contract 成本加成本百分比合同

CPR Cost Performance Ratio 成本绩效比率

CPR Cost Performance Report 成本绩效报告

CPU Central Processing Unit 中央处理单元

CR Change Request 变更请求

CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item 计算机软件配置

CSF Critical Success Factors 关键的成功因素

CTC Contract Target Cost 合同目标成本

CTP Contract Target Price 合同目标价格

CTR Cost-Time Resource Sheet 成本时间资源表

CV Cost Variance 成本偏差

CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure 合同工作分解结构

DBA Database Administrator 数据库管理员

DBM Dynamic Baseline Model 动态基线模型

DBMS Database Management System 数据库管理系统

DCE Distributed Computing Environment 分布式计算环境

DCF Discounted Cash Flow 折现现金流

DD Data Date 数据日期

DID Data Item Description 工作项描述

DRD documentation Requirements Description 文档要求说明

DU Duration 工期持续时间

EAC Estimated Actual at Completion 实际完工估算

ECC Estimated Cost to Complete 尚未完成的成本估算

ECP Engineering Change Proposal 工程变更建议书

EF Early Finish Date 最早完成日期

EFC Estimated Final Cost 估算的最终成本

EMR Expenditure Management Report 支出管理报告

EPS Enterprise Project Structure 企业项目结构

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning 企业资源规划

ERPS Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 企业资源规划系统

ES Early Start Date 最早开始日期

ESAR Extended Subsequent Applications Review 扩展后续应用评审

ETC Estimate To Complete 尚未完成/完工的估算

EV Expected value 期望值

EVMS Earned value Management System 挣值管理系统

FAC Forecast At Completion 完工预测

FF Free Float 自由浮动时间

FFP Firm Fixed Price Contract 严格固定价格合同

FIFO First In, First Out 先进先出

FM Functional Manager 职能经理

FP Fixed Price Contract 固定价格合同

FPPIF Fixed Price Plus Incentive Fee Contract 固定价格加激励酬

FTC Forecast to Completion 完工尚需预测

FTP File Transfer Protocol 文件传输协议

G&A General and Administrative Costs 综合行政管理成本

G&A General and Administrative 综合行政管理费

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 公认会计原则

GERT Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique 图形评审技术

GUI Graphical User Interface 图形用户界面


HQ Headquarters 总部

HRM Human Resources Management 人力资源管理

HTML Hyper Text Markup Language 超文本标记语言

HTTP Hyper Text Transport Protocol 超文本传输协议

IAW In Accordance With 依照

IBR Integrated Baseline Review 集成基线的评审

IDC Interest-During-Construction 项目建造期间利息

IFB Invitation for Bid 投标邀请函

IFB Intention for Bid 投标意向书

ILS Integrated Logistics Support 集成物流支持

IP Internet Protocol 国际互联网协议

IPDT Integrated Product Development Team 集成产品开发团队

IRR Internal Rate of Return 内部收益率

ISP Internet Service Provider 互联网服务提供商

IT Information Technology 信息技术

JIT Just In Time 适时(存货管理) 准时制造/库存管理

KPI Key Performance Indicators 关键绩效指标

KSI Key Success Indicators 关键成功指标

LAN Local Area Network 局域网

LCC Life Cycle Cost 生命期成本

LF Late Finish 最晚完成时间

LFD Late Finish Date 最晚完成日期

LIFO Last In, First Out 后进先出法

LML Lowest Management Level 最低管理级别

LOA Limits of Authority 授权范围

LOB Line of Balance 平衡线

LOE Level of Effort 投入水平

LQ Limiting Quality 质量限制

LS Late Start 最晚开始时间

LSB Lowest Static Baseline 最低静态基线

LSD Late Start Date 最晚开始日期

MBM Management by Methods 方法管理

MBO Management by Objectives 目标管理

MBP Management by Politics 政策管理

MBR Management by Rules 规则管理

MBV Management by Values 价值管理

MBWA Management by Walking Around 走动管理

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension 多用Internet 邮件扩充协议

MIS Management Information System 管理信息系统

MOA Memorandum of Agreement 协议备忘录

MOBP Managing Organizations by Projects 按项目管理组织

MOF Published Model 已发布的模型

MOU Memorandum of Understanding 谅解备忘录

MPM Modern Project Management 现代项目管理

MR Management Reserve 管理储备

MRP Material Requirements Planning 材料需求计划编制

MSA Mid-Stage Assessment 中期评估

MTBF Mean Time Between Failures 平均故障间隔时间

N/A Not Applicable 不适用

NIH Not Invented Here 禁止意见发表

NPV Net Present value 净现值

NTE Not to Exceed 不得超过后面的两段


O&M Operations and Maintenance 运营和维护

OBS Organizational Breakdown Structure 组织分解结构

ODC Other Direct Costs 其它直接成本

OJT On-the-job Training 在职培训

OTB Over Target Baseline 超目标基线计划

PAR Problem Analysis Report 问题分析报告

PAT Project Assurance Team 项目保证团队

PBR Program Benefits Review 项目群收益评审

PBS Product Breakdown Structure 产品分解结构

PC Percent Complete 完成比

PCA Physical Configuration Audit 物理配置审核

PDLC Project Development Life Cycle 项目开发生命周期

PDM Precedence Diagram Method 前导图法优先图法

PDS Program Definition Statement 项目群定义说明书

PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique 计划评审技术

PF Planned Finish Date 计划完成日期

PGP Pretty Good Privacy 优秀密钥

PLS Project Life Span 项目生命跨度

PM Project Manager 项目经理

PM Project Management 项目管理

PMB Performance Measurement Baseline 绩效测量基线

PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge 项目管理知识体系

PMIS Project Management Information System 项目管理信息系统

PMO Project Management Office 项目管理办公室

PMP Project Management Professional 项目管理专业人员

PMS Portfolio Management System 项目组合管理系统

PMT Performance Measurement Techniques 绩效测量技术

PMT Performance Measurement Techniques 绩效测量技术

POC Point of Contact 联络点

PPL Project Products List 项目产品列表

PRD Product Requirements document 产品需求说明书

PRT Product Realization Team 产品实现团队

PS Planned Start Date 计划开始日期

PSA Professional Services Agreement 专业服务协议

PSO Program Support Office 项目群支持办公室

PSP Professional Services Provider 专业服务提供者

PV Price Variance 价格偏差

PVWA Planned value for Work Accomplished 已完成工作的计划价值

PVWS Planned value for Work Scheduled 计划工作的计划价值

QA Quality Assurance 质量保证

QAR Quality Assurance Representative 质量保证代表

QC Quality Control 质量控制

QPL Qualified Product List 合格产品清单

RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix 责任分配矩阵

RAM Responsibility/Accountability Matrix 责任矩阵

RAMP Risk Analysis and Management for Projects 项目的风险分析和管理

RBS Resource Breakdown Structure 资源分解结构

RF Remaining Float 剩余浮动时间

RFA Request for Appropriation 经费申请

RFC Request for Change 变更申请

RFP Request for Proposal 建议书邀请函

RFQ Request for Quotation 报价邀请函

RMB Risk Management Budget 风险管理预算

ROI Return on Investment 投资回报

ROM Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate 粗数量级估计

RPWM Ranked Positional Weight Method 重要位置排序法

SAR Subsequent Application Review 跟踪应用评审

SC Scheduled Cost 计划成本

SCR System Concept Review 系统概念评审

SDL Software Development Library 软件开发库

SDR System Design Review 系统设计评审

SDWT Self Directed Work Teams 自我指导工作团队

SF Level Finish/Schedule 经平衡的结束时间/进度表

SF Scheduled Finish 计划完成点

SF Scheduled Finish Date 计划完成日期

SF Secondary Float 次要浮动时间

SLVAR Summary Level Variance Analysis Reporting 差异分析报告汇总

SOW Statement of Work 工作说明书

SPI Schedule Performance Index 进度绩效指数

SPR Scheduled Performance Ratio 进度绩效比

SRR System Requirements Review 系统需求评审

SS Scheduled Start 计划开始点

SSD Scheduled Start Date 计划开始日期

SV Schedule Variance 进度偏差

SWAG Scientific Wild Anatomical Guess 科学粗略剖析性猜测

T&E Test and Evaluation 测试和评估

T&M Time and Material Contract 时间和材料合同

TAB Total Allocated Budget 全部分配预算

TAE Total Anticipated Expenditures 全部预测支出

TBA To Be Advised 有待完善

TBD To Be Determined 有待确定

TC Target Completion Date 目标完成日期

TCCC Transfer of Care, Custody and Control 权责移交

TCPI To Complete Performance Index 待完成绩效指数

TF Total Float 总浮动时间

TOC Theory of Constraints 约束理论

ToR Terms of Reference 职责范围

TQM Total Quality Management 全面质量管理

TRR Test Readiness Review 测试准备情况评审

UB Undistributed Budget 未分配预算

UI User Interface 用户界面

UML Unified Modeling Language 统一建模语言

UP Unit Price Contract 单价合同

URL Uniform Resource Locator 统一资源定位符

VAC Variance at Completio 完成时的偏差

VE Value Engineering 价值工程

VM Value Management 价值管理

WBS Work Breakdown Structure 工作分解结构

WP Work Package 工作包

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get 所见即所得